1. i need to go the fuck to sleep but things preoccupy me

    • shia labeouf
    • the mystery dancing in the dark track
    • fitzsimmons on aos might both be bi and i need someone to tell me how real that is like is it “alan cumming is bi” real or “will arnett is bi” real because the answer will determine whether or not it is imperative that i start watching aos
  2. you-and-me-divine:

    If you didn’t think “Shia LaBeouf” could get better, you were wrong.

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  3. oh my god this is impossible

    years ago i had a pandora station that played old standards by people like frank sinatra and fred astaire and cole porter and stuff

    and there was this one really haunting version of dancing in the dark and i had thought it was sung by fred astaire but i think i’m mistaken

    and now i’m rifling through every version available on itunes and let’s just say there are MANY


  4. "calling alan cumming gay in front of me is legally fighting words"
  5. Raul Esparza as Riff Raff (x) (x)

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  6. brigwife:


    when will teenage girls stop shaming each other and discover that their real enemy is teenage boys 

    when they are all gathered into the gym and lectured by tina fey

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  7. baalakavii:

    FOR SAPPHO: a playlist for the ninth muse, Sappho; a song for a song of hers.

    Solon of Athens heard his nephew sing a song of Sappho’s over the wine and, since he liked the song so much, he asked the boy to teach it to him. When someone asked him why, he said: “So that I may learn it, then die.”
    — the Florilegium (3.29.58) of Stobaeus.

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  8. daisiestdaisy:


    Petition for Nathan to be really upset that Kip isn’t into him to the point where he’s doing everything he can think of to attract the man and eventually it’s too much and Kip is like why do you even care so much and surprise Nathan is into Kip and he doesn’t know what to do about it and I get another queer Will Arnett character

    Ugh this is just such a perfect setup for romcom shenanigans. Show, give me Nathan insisting to everybody it’s not that he WANTS to date Kip, not at all, it just bothers him that Kip’s too stubborn to admit he’s a great, smart potential boyfriend; give me Kip reluctantly asking Nathan to pose as his ex-husband at some event after his first two choices, Adam and Ray, both mysteriously drop out; give me the silly trapped in an elevator together/stranded overnight in a snowstorm/overhearing a conversation and getting the wrong idea/accidentally hooking up at the costume party tropes, give me all of it.

    It’s as if they knew the one thing that would make us dedicate more of our time to the show—a queer will arnett ship.


  9. Anonymous said: is there a video to the will arnett and Sean Hayes kiss?

    Well I don’t know about like just a clip, but if you’re in America then the episode (Season 2 ep 1 of the Millers) is on the cbs website? Other than that I don’t know, does anyone else?

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  10. mrgolightly:

    This is it, y’all. I am ascending. I’m leaving my body and floating into the heavens. Tell my family I love them and to DVR the new season of American Horror Story for me.

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