2. Claire and Frank working together to put a rift between the president and his wife

    It’s the little things you do together


  3. Also RACHEL I know you’re in a tough spot to say the least but throw over Doug and run away with your Christian girlfriend PLS

    I love Rachel so much we need to protect her


  4. I love Meecham so much omg Meecham buying Frank monogrammed cuff links Meecham playing catch with Frank Claire making sassy comments all the while gooosh I am enjoying this OT3


  5. omg jimmi simpson is in house of cards

    all dramatic acting like

    i love it when actors work across genre lines like that

    like ok you can be this shady hacker man but let’s not pretend you’re not also robe-wearing milk-drinking incest-loving liam mcpoyle


  6. so tired should sleep but house of cards

    where is my threesome when is my threesome how is my threesome what episooooooode

    these things are v important


  7. lydiduh:

    Who am I kidding Mitch Hurwitz is gd adorable I can’t stay mad at him


    Congratulations on your brain and your face you awful man

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  8. fuck my brain i’m eating two pain au chocolats with a glass of milk and watching house of cards til i’m too sleepy

    and the pants

    are coming off

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  10. the-wolfbats:

    Can we have another “Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.” post with the words

    • their 
    • okay
    • but
    • though
    • say
    • no
    • and
    • left
    • around
    • me

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